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Razão de Viver

por Paula Antunes, em 18.06.06
"Matt’s gift was people. He loved being with people, helping people, and making others feel good. The hope of a better world, free of harassment and discrimination because a person was different, kept him motivated.

All his life, he felt the stabs of discrimination. Because of that, he was sensitive to other people’s feelings. He was naive to the extent that, regardless of the wrongs people did to him, he still had faith that they would change and become “nice”.

Matt trusted people, perhaps too much. Violence was not a part of his life until his senior year in high school. He would walk into a fight and try to break it up. He was the perfect negotiator. He could get two people talking to each other again as no one else could.

Palavras de um amigo dedicadas a Matthew Shepard, torturado e assassinado aos 21 anos por ser homossexual.

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My Way: "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference"

Paula Antunes

Paula Antunes

"Não estamos a legislar para gentes remotas e estranhas. Estamos a ampliar as oportunidades de felicidade dos nossos vizinhos, dos nossos colegas de trabalho, dos nossos amigos e das nossas famílias e, ao mesmo tempo, estamos a construir um país mais decente. Porque uma sociedade decente é aquela que não humilha os seus membros"


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